Wedding stuff

April 10, 2010

Yes, you’ve read that right–WEDDING!  I’m not getting married…but my lovely friend from high school is!  I will be a bridesmaid and a co-maid-of-honor.  Since the bride is in Miami for work and the wedding is taking place in San Diego, part of my duty as a BM/MOH is to help out with menu and cake selections.  This weekend, the groom, the other MOH, and I went to the hotel to try out different hors d’oeuvres, salads, and entrees to determine the menu for the evening:

Roasted vegetable terrine (left) and duck confit eclair with spicy chocolate ganache (right)
Chard pineapple chicken satay with peanut sauce (left) and wilted spinach and feta cheese pouches (right)

I loved the terrine just because I love anything with roasted vegetables but it certainly wasn’t as special as the duck confit eclair.  The duck I’ve had is usually on the drier side but this was incredibly tender and melt-in-your-mouth perfect.  Believe it or not, it was actually the eclair and ganache combo that made me second guess this.  It was just…too many flavors for me to handle.  Does it want to be salty?  Sweet?  Spicy?  In terms of texture, however, everything came together nicely.  Since it’s so unique, we decided to keep it.  As for the chicken, I didn’t care much for it (too dry and salty), but we all unanimously LOVED the wilted spinach and feta cheese pouches.  A definite winner!  We can choose up to four hors d’oeuvres so it will be the bride’s final call if she wants to keep the vegetable terrine or replace it with something more exotic (tartuffo cheese twice baked fingerling potatoes, perhaps?).

For the salads, we had to choose between the wild baby arugula & shaved fennel salad with crows pass farm apples, pistachio brittle, and a pistachio vinaigrette or the belgian endive & watercress salad with candied walnuts and a truffle vinaigrette (both are a mouthful to say, huh?).

Baby arugula et al. with pistachio vinaigrette
Endives et al. with truffle vinaigrette

Hands down the arugula!!!  We had the option of choosing any dressing for the salad too.  Both me and the other BM were fond of the truffle dressing (I normally don’t even eat dressing on my salad, but this was really good) but the groom didn’t like it so we decided to please him (plus the pistachio vinaigrette was lighter and probably something more people would like).

Finally, the entrees!  We had a choice between the petite filet mignon & porcini dusted halibut with porcini pan sauce or the rosemary breast of chicken & pancetta wrapped prawns with marjoram scented lemon vinaigrette (along with a side of either the crows pass farm potato risotto or bacon, carmelized onion dauphinoise potatoes).

Filet mignon and halibut served with bacon & carmelized onion dauphinoise potatoes
Chicken and prawns served with potato risotto

I’m glad the meat all comes from organic, local farms where the cows are grass-fed and the chickens are cage-free (only in California is this usually the norm rather than the exception…I love California :)).  With that said, I still don’t like the taste of beef!  Couldn’t handle more than a bite.  But the groom and the BM loved it so we decided to go with that over the chicken (which was again too dry and salty…is this what an absence of injected hormones does to chicken meat?!  :P).  We all found the halibut to be delicious so what will probably happen is that we’ll have guests choose between a dual plate (filet mignon with halibut) or a single entree (filet mignon or halibut).  As for the sides, the risotto was incredible and beat out the bacon (yuck!) potatoes by a long shot.  Funnily, this was my second time ever having risotto (my first time was actually last weekend when I had my first seder meal…someone brought in vegetarian risotto made with green onions, peas, etc and we had it as part of the Passover feast…very yummy).

After the tasting, we went to finalize our BM dress decisions.  Alfred Angelo is having a $20 discount on bridesmaid dresses through April 18th  and has a large selection of styles/colors for very reasonable prices so we did some research and tried a bunch on.  In the end, we decided to go with this one (in lavender, as shown):

With each bridesmaid choosing their own trim color.  I love green so I went with the lettuce (it sounds weird, I know), as shown in the above picture.  The other BM chose tea rose, which really complements the lavender.  We called the bride right before making our purchases and she was very happy with our choices :).

I also liked this one but it only came in a few select colors, none of them even close to lavender.  But who knows, if I ever get married, maybe I’ll make my bridesmaids wear it.  I think it’s cute enough to be a normal party dress!

Right before I headed home, the groom surprised me with a box of my favorite bread from 85C (a very popular bakery in Taiwan known primarily for their drinks…the only one opened outside of Taiwan is in Irvine, CA but it has wonderful pastries and cakes on top of 85C’s famed drinks!) known as ‘rose bread.’  It’s made of rose flour (so the bread itself is somewhat pinkish), stuffed with cream cheese, studded with cranberries, and sprinkled with black sesame seeds.  Most people I know think it’s kind of weird because it’s not exactly sweet or salty (and cream cheese isn’t a typical Chinese ingredient like, say, taro or red bean) but it’s soo good!!!  I was so happy/shocked that he got me three (each one is almost the size of my head)!

A shot of the interior (taken from Yelp)

Amazing, isn’t it?  And yes, I can eat a whole rose bread by myself.  I’m a fatty 😦

My true love ❤

All this talk of weddings, of course, has me thinking about how I would plan my own. If you’re married, tell me about your wedding!  Or if you’re not, tell me about your dream wedding! I know for sure I’d want a Tiffany’s ring (don’t judge me!!!).  And a traditional style dress (so no mermaid tails or champagne colors for me).  I actually haven’t thought about the dress much.  I figure I’ll know once I see it and I have yet to see one I love, though this one from San Patrick that my friend’s sister got married in comes close:

Too bad it’s discontinued :(.

My dream is to get married in this church.  I’m not Catholic, but it is the most beautiful church in San Francisco and I think its architectural and artistic beauty will make for some stunning photos.  Sea foam green and white would be the color scheme.  I’d let my bridesmaids choose whatever dress they want so long as everyone wore the same pale green color.  Ideally, I’d get married during autumn or winter because it’s my favorite time of year (and probably on a Sunday too because that would be cheaper).  I would spend as little money as possible on flowers or any floral decorations (maybe even just get fake ones) so that I can devote more money to alcohol to please my guests ;).  For favors, I’d like to donate $ to a charity and give everyone a nice photo frame that they could use (inside would be a sheet of paper stating that a donation has been made in their name).  I think favors that have the couple’s names and/or pictures all over them can be somewhat impractical :P.  The reception dinner will be a Chinese banquet (nothing wrong with cheap, good food, am I right?!) and for dessert, a Princess cake with a light green shell decorated with edible light pink cherry blossoms.  Sort of like this:

…And this is why I’m single. 😛